Scroll K Certified Products and Services

Updated January 4 2014

Bakery Items:

Bagels, Breads, Cake Decoration, Edible Inks, Pastries, Pita, Pizza Crusts

Bimbo Bakeries – Orowheat Foods – DENVER

Bavarian Bakery Enterprises

Brooklyn Pizza – Pas Yisroel, Cholov Yisroel

Cake Top Publishing

MileHi Bakeries of Denver

East Side Kosher Deli – Pas Yisroel

King Soopers Bakeries (a division of Kroger):

King Soopers Main Bakery

King Soopers in-store Bakeries in Denver – many items are Pas Yisroel and marked PY:

Store# 35 at Leetsdale & Monaco

Store# 124 at Leetsdale in Glendale

Store# 100 at Yosemite & Belleview, Greenwood Village

Store# 26 at Hampden & Monaco

King Soopers in-store Bakery in Boulder – many items are Pas Yisroel and marked PY:

Store# 61 at 1650 30th St., Boulder

Kroger/Layton Bakery

Rocky Mountain Pies


The Bagel Store – Pas Yisroel, Cholov Stam

Izzio’s Bakery

Udi’s Gluten Free Bakery products

Vollmer’s Bakery


Golden Organics

Jack’s Bean Company

La Preferida

Women’s Bean Project

Teasdale Foods (Zateca Foods)


New Belgium Brewing


Coffee, Teas:

Allegro Coffee

Boyer Gourmet Coffee

Brogs Product Development

Coda Coffee

Cooper Tea Company

Third Street Chai

Whole Foods


Coffee, Teas – Organic:





Royal Crest

Winder Farms


Energy Drinks:


Attain Drinks, ProFlex

Scratch Labs

Vance’s Dairy free


Soy Milk, Rice Milk – Dairy FREE:





Bottled Water:

Deep Rock Water

Candies, Chocolates & Taffies:


Bauer’s Candy



Enstrom Candies

Fern Creek Confections

Fresh N Easy

Glade’s Taffy Town

Hammonds Candy

Jensen Candies


Maxfields Candies

Mont Blanc

Mrs. Field Candies

Shopper’s Drug Market

Sir Chocolate

Sweet’s Candy Company

Trader Joe’s


Warrel Corp.

Western Family Foods


Under the Vaad:

Dining with Finesse, David Fine


Vaad certification upon request:

Bliss Catering

La Vie, Mary Fabrikant

Epicurean, Tom Clark

Mark Millenson Catering


Chemicals & Minerals:

Access Manufacturing Technologies

Birko Corporation

BMP Minerals (Halliburton)

Chelated Minerals

Diamond K Gipsum, Inc.

Emerald Foam Control


Great Divide Chemical


Krypton Road Chemicals

Norman Fox

ODG Industries

Qemi International

RMJ Solutions


Deli Food Chili & Spices / Agropecuaria Bermudez

Ramos Hermanos

Red Mountain Trading

Community Services:

Colorado Department of Corrections

Advisors for kosher diet for Jewish inmates

Jewish Group Home

Kashrus advisors

Nevada Department of Corrections

Advisors for kosher diet for Jewish inmates

Cultures for the Food Industry:


Dairy Products: Cholov Stam

Buffalo Milk:

Juniper Valley Dairy Cholov Stam


Cottage Cheese, Sour Cream:

Sinton Dairy



Dairy Farmers of America (Ft. Morgan,CO & Beaver,UT)

Deseret Dairy Products

Gossner Foods

Royal Crest

Sinton Dairy

Western Quality Foods

Winder Farms


Goat Dairy Products:

Meyenberg Goat Milk Cholov Stam

Skyhill Napa Valley Farms (Yogurts) Cholov Stam

Juniper Valley Dairy

Detergents, Cleaning Products:

Birko Corporation

Dietary Supplements:

Cedar Bear Naturales

Cozad Alfalfa

Health Aid America

Herbal Papaya

Nature’s Harvest International

Dried Fruit:

Red Mountain Trading

Rocky Mountain Foods

Whole Foods

Eggs, Eggwhites, Liquid:

Shepherd Farm Eggs

Egg Whites International

Fish Products:

Flour & Flour Mixes Products:

Golden Organics

Lehi – Roller Mills

Natures Harvest International

Gluten Free Products:



Udi’s Gluten Free Bakery products

Udi’s Gluten Free Granola poducts

Grains (Wheat, Barley, Oats ,Millet, etc.), Rice, Corn:

AK Acres

Clean Dirt Grain & Feed

Golden Organics

Lotus Foods (Rice products)

Natures Harvest International

Golden Prairie

Weaver Popcorn


Udi’s Gluten Free Granola

Groceries (with Scroll K symbol or letter of certification):

City Market – baked goods

East Side Kosher Deli – Pas Yisroel, Cholov Yisroel, Glatt Meat Products

King Soopers – baked goods (See under Bakery items)

The Bagel Store – Pas Yisroel

Health Foods:

See also Soy Products

Cedar Bear Naturales

Whole Nectar

Honey, Honey Stix, Agave Nectar, Flavored Agave Products:

Beeyond The Hive/Colorado Honey

Madhava Sweeteners

Natural Grocers

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt (Cholov Stam), Sorbet:

Bonnie Brae Ice Cream Co.

Enstrom Ice Cream

Kosher Transportation

Trucks, Trailers & Rail Cars:


Bradshaw Trucking

Bulk Transporters

Dairyway Transport

Cliff Viessman

Dairy Farmers of America, Salt Lake City UT

Food Express (Riverside CA, Ogden UT, Phoenix AZ, Maywood CA, Lathrop CA)

Rademaker Trucking

Technology Crops International (TCI)

Trailer Washing

Alpine Transfer

Cliff Viessman (Mankato MN, Marshall MN, Renville MN, Columbus NE, Whapeton ND, Cedar Rapids IA, Memphis TN)

Dairy Farmers of America, Beaver UT

Del Camino

Meat Products :

East Side Kosher Deli – Glatt Meat Products

Nursing Homes:

Beth Israel Shalom Park

Nuts & Nut Products:

Jerry’s Nut House

Western Nuts

Oil (Rapseed, Sunflower):

Snow Creek Farms


Red Mountain Trading

Organic Products:

Golden Organics


Food City

Plentiful Pantry

Restaurants – Takeout Food, Pizza:

Brooklyn Pizza – Pas Yisroel, Cholov Yisroel

East Side Kosher Deli

High Point Creamery


Moab Salt

Skin and Health Care:



Snack Foods (Trail Mixes, Chips, etc.):

Free Range Snacks

Heartland Snacks

Mrs. Sutler’s

Rocky Mountain Foods

Rocky Mountain Treats

Western Nut

Whole Grain Milling

Whole Foods Market

Soda Ash:

Solvay Minerals

Tata Chemical

Soup Mixes:

Women’s Bean Project

Soy Products (see also Beverages/Soy Milk):




Spices, Seasoning Blends:

All American Seasonings



BJ Wholesale

Colorado Spice Company


Custom Blending/Rodelle

Deli Food Chili & Spice

DePaul Packaging

Doc Popcorn

Flavors Gourmet

HEB Grocery Co.

Loblaw Companies

O’Neils Foods

Rocky Mountain Spice Co.

The Fresh Market USA

The Last Crumb Bakery

The Ready Project

Trader Joe’s

Whole Foods Market

Sugar (Agave, Coconut) Products:

Madhava Sweeteners

Sunflower Seeds:

Golden Organics

Takeout Food:

Brooklyn Pizza – Pas Yisroel, Cholov Yisroel

East Side Kosher Deli – Pas Yisroel, Cholov Stam

The Bagel Store – Pas Yisroel


Eagle Eye Producers

Mrs. Condies